More People of Italy
Street Photography

More People of Italy
Man in White

Here we go with More People of Italy! The people there are SO nice and the surroundings are amazing…it’s difficult to choose which photos to post!

The guy above was walking along toward me, so I couldn’t resist. I raised the camera to my eye and clicked 2 frames. I smiled…he didn’t. What an amazing outfit!

More People of Italy
The Pizza Maker

We went to see the famous, awesome Trevi Fountain and found a fantastic restaurant where Judy and I sat outside, away from the massive crowd at the fountain, and ate a pizza. I saw one of the cooks walk out and go to a spot in the alley next door for a smoke and phone break. When I got a chance, I got up and went to explore where she went, taking photos of the gorgeous street and buildings. She looked up and saw me and I took this photo with her included. Again, I smiled.

I feel like the residents are used to the millions of tourists taking photos with their cameras and/or phones. NOT ONE COMPLAINT or objection during the entire trip!

More People of Italy
Late Night Stroll in Rome

After dinner, at about 10pm on a typical Roman “street,” we were walking along and this couple passed us. I quickly took a photo and got the street in focus with them slightly blurred. Adds to the painterly atmosphere of the image, I think.

More People of Italy
Street Performer and Audience in Rome

We were in one of the many plazas in Rome when I saw and heard this talented street musician in front of the row of restaurants. I observed her audience and it kind of felt like a dance–three groups sort of interacting and sort of doing their own thing with varied interest in their surroundings. I could have taken photos in that plaza all day! Even longer. Something happening everywhere.

More People of Italy
Fabric Weaver, Venice

We were fortunate to get a tour of this fabric factory in Venice. High end, hand woven craft. Luigi Bevilacqua. The lighting and subject match perfectly…and the weaver has been photographed before, I’m sure!

More People of Italy
Gondolier in Venice

Everyone knows this is a gondolier in Venice…right? The striped shirt gives it away. Got LOW down to get this with the buildings and dramatic sky in the frame.

More People of Italy
Walk, Bike, Rail, and Car in Milan

This scene amused me. Late afternoon in Milan. I situated myself along the curb and the transportation elements fell into place–walking, biking, rail, and car.

More People of Italy
He Saw Me!

A curious scene…I was standing on the corner, holding my camera, waiting for a bus or something else to come into the right hand side of the frame. Suddenly, this guy appeared and I immediately pressed the shutter. His expression and posture were good fortune. It happens sometimes.

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