In the City of Chicago
With a Camera, of course!


The Train Tracks along the Skyline

I promise you….if you walk around in the City of Chicago long enough and keep looking around, you’ll certainly find interesting scenes and sights to photograph!  This was kind of a gloomy day, screaming to be a black and white photograph.  Trains are a large part of the history of the city and this is a commuter line that runs along Michigan Ave., just south of the Art Institute.  I took a few different photos of the buildings and the foreground, trying to capture the foggy atmosphere that hung over the entire area.



Happy Great Grandma!

Here’s a happy Uber driver in the City of Chicago!  It was fun listening to her talk about her family.  The oldest of 11 kids and grandmother of 19…great grandchild on the way!  Whew.  That called for a picture, for sure!  And she obliged.



Downtown Stairway

Another potentially gloomy scene.  But, as I framed a shot of the stairway in the parks, this “red” guy walked into the scene.  I tried to wait until he was in a “strategic” position in the composition and clicked the shutter.  I knew that I’d do something in post-processing to dramatize his color (and compensate for his small size in the frame).  I made a black and white AND color photo, merged them together, and brushed away part of the black and white layer to reveal the red.  I like that my eye seems to go up the stairs and find him because of the emphasis of the color.




Dignity…that’s what I saw and felt.  Couldn’t resist taking this man’s photo when he stepped between the lines on the sidewalk along Michigan Avenue and, at the same time, everyone else seemed to move away.  Gotta be ready for something like that!



Upside Down!

It’s a crazy world we live in!  I was standing by this sculpture in front of the Thompson Center by Jean Dubuffet, Monument With Standing Beast, trying to frame an image.  All of a sudden, this guy runs up and does a flip off of it!  I said, “You HAVE to do that again!!”  And he did…three more times.  This was my favorite.  I sent him an e-mail of the photograph.



Faces in the Crowd


Off to a Good Start!


Statue on Wacker Drive

Judy and I joined the throng for the Women’s March in Chicago.   I’m sure you’ve all seen lots of photos on social media and the news.  Glad to be there, in the moment.
And always grateful to be living in the Great United States.

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