I Got A New Lens

A New Lens

Now THIS is a Street Scene (taken with a new lens)

I must admit that part of the fun with photography is the gear.  And some of the most fun pieces of equipment are lenses.  New lenses means new perspective and coverage.  My new lens is a 28mm wide angle lens, just slightly wider than my 35mm which is my most used lens (our entire Cuba trip was photographed with the 35).  These two lenses are pretty close with regard to characteristics and coverage (angle of view) but different enough to me to provide some “more” of what the 35mm has.
You are all probably pretty familiar with the 28mm focal length and perspective.  More on that at the end of the blog.
I have always leaned toward wide angle lenses.  I think that’s because I generally like to construct images that compel the viewers to move their eyes around the scene.  And I like the close/far perspective of wide angle.
Judy and I were at the Printer’s Row Lit Fest over the weekend and I felt that would be a good testing ground to put the 28mm lens to work.  Yep…that photo above surely demonstrates wide angle…and (I hope) makes you move your eye around the scene,  By the way, he was a very nice guy…we spent about 5-10 minutes chatting.

A New Lens

On Dearborn Street at the Lit Fest

The photo above is definitely a “street photography” style.  And I was able to pack a lot into the frame.  It will take time to get used to a new lens, so it’s good to go out and find scenes like this.

A New Lens

Hanging out at the Lit Fest

It’s easy to photograph people at an event!  Especially a vendor.  People are used to seeing cameras and people taking  photos.  And I’m certainly not threatening or intrusive.  Though, keep in mind, you’ve got to get CLOSE when taking photos with a wide angle lens.

A New Lens

Leaning Along the Wall at the Dearborn Station

Frankly, I just thought this couple looked sweet, so I got as close as I could without disturbing them.  We didn’t speak. I felt the post added a compositional element…a bonus of the coverage of a new lens (wide angle).

A New Lens

Alleys Can Be Fun

This is gonna sound funny, but I like alleys for finding photo possibilities.  One can frequently find interesting components and the perspective is enhanced by a wide angle lens.  I like the way the light bounced from and reflected from the doors and the wet, extended puddle on the right side.  I stepped back to get the black manhole cover to give your eyes another thing to scan while viewing.  Simple…and good practice, so to speak.

A New Lens

View from Above…South Loop (on Federal Street)

A New Lens

Parking Along an Old Building (South Loop)

Finishing off the blog with these two images of scenes in the South Loop of Chicago, on Federal (a very short Chicago street).  No people visible, but a very graphic feel.  And the drama of the shapes is enhanced by a new lens in my collection.
Do you know where else you probably have seen a 28mm lens?  That’s the focal length of the iPhone camera! 

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