A Walk Downtown
In Chicago


Vintage 1967 VW Bug and Proud Owner

I had plans in the city the other evening, so I came down early and went for a walk downtown with my camera.  It’s so picturesque in the city!  The guy in the VW pulled up in the car along the curb where I was standing and I smiled at him, told him he had a neat car, and asked if I could take his photo.  He smiled broadly and approved.  We chatted briefly and I learned that it was a ’67 VW and that he was “not quite” the original owner.  Amazing how agreeable people are to having their photos taken by strangers!


Checking for Text Messages

It’s difficult to NOT find someone posing in some stage of cell phone engagement.  Everybody is talking, texting, checking.  I liked this photo because of the contrast of the blue jacket with the various colors and textures of the wall.  Just outside the door of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago at 36 South Wabash.
A funny thing happened to me while I was standing there.  A young woman who is a student there walked up to me and asked if she could take my picture for a project.  She asked me to pose near the street and she took several frames of me standing there as people and traffic went by.  She told me she was going to blend the images to make it look busy.  We chatted for a bit and I then took her photo.  BUT….I got too cute for my own good and tried a setting to make an image I had in my mind.  It didn’t come out…darn.  Hey…THAT HAPPENS if you’re walking around making what I call “sketches.”  Funny thing is that about a half hour later as I continued my walk downtown, we bumped into each other again in the same area of Wabash…and we all think this is such a big town!!


On Wabash, Having a Smoke

Right across the street of the School of the Art Institute, there was another school.  Lots of students walking in and out and hanging out in front, smoking.  I thought the smoking evoked an older era, so I “antiqued” the image while editing.


Here comes a Bird!

Hey!  Look out for that bird!!


Commuters after Work

Gotta get cuttin’.  Work’s over for the day.


Cool Guy and his Dog….on a Plaza

I thought this guy looked pretty cool walking his dog.  Dark and atmospheric…almost “film noir” style, eh?


Election Dilemma!

So, what’s this guy thinking?  “Hmmm…what shall I eat?”  Or, “Hmmm…who should I vote for?”
I wonder if this will be a prediction of the outcome!?

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