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Traveling On the Road Near Nashville, In

Old Time Look

I love looking around when we’re traveling on the road.  Always on the lookout for interesting scenes.  No exception last week when we took a little road trip from Indy to Brown County, IN.  The stretch between Bean Blossom and Nashville (Indiana) caught my eye.  The landscape and buildings almost depict a bygone era.  The two buildings above serve as a good example of what I mean.  I tinted the photo to enhance its “old time” and antique appearance which is how I perceived the scene in my mind.

Traveling On the Road A House is a Home in Bean Blossom, IN

A House is a Home

Not far away from those two buildings, on the same road, was this home sitting proudly and squarely on its lot.  Note the mailbox just off the road which adds to a sense of permanence despite the fact it’s a trailer.  Probably not an uncommon scene found on the road in rural America.  Nice spot for a home, I might add.

Traveling On the Road Strangers Expected, near Bean Blossom, IN

“Strangers Expected”

Such a cool sight on the same road, within walking distance.   The proud Mennonite Church with strong black and white contrast (even in color!) stood out dramatically on the road.  But, I was particularly drawn to the message on the sign which reads, “Strangers Expected.”  The sky added to the drama of the scene.
You may have heard about the town called Bean Blossom since there’s a well known Bill Monroe Bean Blossom Bluegrass Music Festival there each year.

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