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Italian Restaurant in Chicago

Take Your Camera to Tutto Fresco Italian Restaurant Photograph Opportunity

Tutto Fresco, Chicago

You’ve heard me say this before:  Take your camera with you…any camera.  It doesn’t matter how big, expensive, fancy, or famous it is…as long as it has glass (a lens) that captures light and can then apply it to a medium (film or sensor) to be recorded, it will do the job.  To put it bluntly and profoundly, it’s much easier to take a photo of something if a camera (any camera) is available.
So, sometimes, I think I may look or seem a little meshuggie, carrying my camera out to dinner, plays, museums, people’s homes, etc.  It’s not that I expect to take a picture, but it’s more like I’m in a “ready” state of mind.  I feel that I look for and see potential photographs in my mind if and when I have my camera with me.  But, I must admit there are rare circumstances when I actually do see something that compels me to pull out a camera out to take a photo.  Besides the fact that one doesn’t frequently bump into a photo waiting to be taken, it can sometimes be rude or awkward to start taking photos when you’re out with friends and family!  (Though, I think my family is used to it by now…)

This photo (above) is a good example of a time when it worked out well, from my perspective.  We met our friends Jody and Barry Spilberg at Tutto Fresco at 3829 N. Broadway on Saturday night before going to see the final performance of “Once in a Lifetime” at Strawdog Theater.  Also, as it turns out, it was the final performance put on by Strawdog Theater at this location since the entire block and building with the theater and restaurant is due to be razed very soon for new development!  The theater will be relocating temporarily to Howard Street in Evanston and Tutto Fresco will soon be moving to a new location, too.  Both are worth a visit at their new locations!
Anyways, as we sat at our table, I couldn’t help but notice the quaint still life setting of the table, radiator, chairs, place setting, lamp, and the perfect image hanging on the wall of a man eating pasta, all washed by the gorgeous window light.  HAD to take the photo.  Processing was easy…I just emphasized what I saw and felt.
Glad to get the photo as a remembrance and record of a restaurant location that will not exist soon.  Yet, the scene was worth capturing and preserving!  And I hope it conjures up a feeling or atmosphere for you…does it?

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-Stephen M. Levin


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