People of Italy
Photographing Strangers

People of Italy
Bubbles, Balloons, and Fog

So much fun to see and photograph the People of Italy!

Of course, there’s quite a lot to do in Italy…and, I might add, plenty to eat! But I was fascinated with the scenes with strangers. And it was quite easy to approach and photograph them while they were in the course of their daily activities.

Interesting scene above–a Venetian street musician along a canal, singing in the fog with a plaintive sound, in front of a man making bubbles along with a bundle of balloons. Certainly, too much going on in that scene for me to pass it by! Also, it looks kind of cinematic.

People of Italy
Love on the Street in Florence

I really like this city scene in Florence. I felt as though this was almost timeless in its spirit. And the two of them framed against the typical street provided an interesting perspective. They were so wrapped up in themselves that I kept approaching for a closer image–and, they either didn’t notice or care.

People of Italy
Love and Cell Phone on Ponte Vecchio

I felt this image (above) was quite similar to the previous one. They were standing and having fun with their cell phone on the Ponte Vecchio Bridge over the Arno River in Florence, in front of the glaring early morning sun. I kept moving closer to frame them better and to try to shield my lens from the brightness. Again, they didn’t seem to mind or notice…and I was pretty close by the time I clicked the shutter, as you can see.

People of Italy
Love on the Piazza, Siena

Look at the expression on this guy’s face! Full of emotion. I had a very wide angle lens on my camera, so I had to move close to get enough detail. It was a busy Piazza in Siena, and I was fortunate to capture this image while the rest of the people weren’t nearby. As a result, that helped focus on the touching scene with the couple in center stage, so to speak.

People of Italy
The Master Chef…and Countess–Siena

Ah…the Countess, Costanza Piccolomini d’Aragona. In her 1000 year old home. Charming, entertaining, and a talented Master Chef who gave us (er…Judy) cooking instruction. Fantastic food and lots of ideas! Furthermore, I really liked the low light in her home…it fit the historic atmosphere.

People of Italy
Mask Maker in Venice, Carlo Marega

Carlo, the Mask Maker in Venice–of Atelier Marega. Another one of the fascinating People of Italy. I couldn’t resist this colorful scene of Carlo with the gorgeous light and artifacts. Masks are a big part of the traditions in Venice, going back hundreds of years. And Carlo Marega has been doing this his whole life. We needed a translator to understand his Venetian dialect. I was happy with the light and felt fortunate to capture his expression.

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