Paris-Part Deux
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It is my belief that one can find a picture almost anywhere.  Sometimes it just takes more time and patience, and a closer look.  Well, that is so true on the streets of Paris.  Pretty much a matter of standing anywhere and you’re bound to find someone or something interesting appearing in front of you.
With people, I think the key is that you can’t be shy!  And you have to stay friendly and non-threatening.  Especially when you don’t speak the language!
Sometimes, I see an interesting scene or background and just wait to see if anyone appears in that frame.  On the other hand, sometimes someone interesting approaches or appears and you wait to see what develops (excuse the old “film” pun!).  And, of course, sometimes it’s both elements coming together.
I think it’s important to capture an interesting expression or movement.  Or something that is graphically interesting.  It doesn’t always work, but that’s part of the beauty of digital photography—you’re not wasting film if you press the shutter and your idea or timing doesn’t work.
But, ya gotta keep shooting and keep trying because serendipity sometimes  comes into play!  That is, something or someone appears in the frame that you didn’t expect!  Surprise!

This photo is of a street musician in front of Sacre Coeur in Montmartre.  I was on the steps of the church, above him.  And I loved the shadows that were being cast by the late afternoon sun.  I knew there’d be little chance to capture detail in his face, so I tried to expose it to be a silhouette…and that’s how it came out when I processed it on the computer!  Not a surprise with this one.  Voila!

We were standing along the Seine and I was trying to figure out how to capture the famous buildings across the river.  Along came this cyclist who came right through the frame.  “Thanks, buddy…welcome to my vacation photo collection.”  Surprise.



And, here’s one where I was trying to emulate an old photograph I have seen many times.  Though I can’t remember the photographer’s name!!  This is how I hoped it would turn out…though the guy in the background was a bit of added good luck!  Kind of a surprise.



Here are some other people and situations that were too good to pass up.  Pleasant surprises….but ya gotta keep your eyes open!
Paris, Coffee, Cafe  Paris, Crepe Shop  Paris, Contrescarpe, Cafe  Paris, Shakespeare Book Store, Book Store

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-Stephen M. Levin

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