Photo Tip

Photo Tip
Fun With Outtakes


2015 Thanksgiving Family Photo

Many of you may have seen this Family Portrait posted on Facebook after our trip to Lauderdale Lakes for Thanksgiving.  I thought I’d give a Photo Tip and also explain a little bit about the recipe for this image and another one.  (more…)

Mary Coin

Mary Coin
“Migrant Mother”


“Migrant Mother” – by Dorothea Lange

Some people consider this the most famous photograph of the entire 20th Century.  An iconic image of Florence Owens Thompson taken by photographer Dorothea Lange during the Great Depression.  The photograph is widely known as “Migrant Mother.”  Amazing image.
The reason I am posting it is because I just finished reading a fantastic historical fiction novel about the photograph and the people involved titled, “Mary Coin.”  Skillfully written New York Times Bestseller by Marisa Silver. (more…)

Looking Around

Looking Around
Walking in the City


How Does This New Phone Work?

Whenever I get the chance to walk around in Chicago (or anywhere!), I like to take my camera along.  You never know what you’ll find. (more…)

Lucas, Kansas

Lucas, Kansas
Road Trip!


Doug, at Brant’s Meat Market

Road Trip!  Driving from Denver to Chicago, I stopped for a visit in remote, rural Lucas, Kansas.  Population 407.  About 20 or 30 miles  north of Interstate 70, east of Hays.  I was drawn to the area because I read they have a lot of public art including, “The 2nd Best Restroom in the United States.”  No kidding.  Click here to see their Facebook siteOr here for their website.  Keep reading to see more photos on the blog! (more…)

From Behind

From Behind
But You Can See It All


That’s Judy!

I’m good for about one movie a year…though it’s been over a year now since the last.  That’s not to say I’m not influenced by cinema!  In fact, I notice an approach that pops up in my photo “style” and I think it was inspired by a scene from  “Remains of the Day,” a James Ivory  movie from 1993 starring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson. (more…)

Street Scenes

Street Scenes
Downtown Chicago


“Save me the Racing Form”

We went to Downtown Chicago on Sunday and stayed overnight to celebrate Judy’s birthday!  Of course, that means a lot of walking around!  And plenty of photo opportunities, trying to capture street scenes. (more…)

Spertus Institute

Midwest Jewish Artists Lab


Crossing Cultures

You may have seen this image I captured in the Marais District of Paris.  I’m showing it again now to “announce” that I have just learned that I was accepted to be a participant in the Spertus Institute’s “Midwest Jewish Artists Lab.” (Please click the link!) (more…)

Old Buildings

Old Buildings
…and some cool links


Old Willy Necker Dog Kennel

Not my usual thing…but that’s ok.  Two photos in this blog post of old buildings in the general neighborhood that I came across.  The first one featured is the OLD Willy Necker Dog Kennel about a quarter of a mile from our house!  It’s currently being demolished and I walked past to see a view that I never was able to get.  (more…)

Another Beach in Chicago

Another Beach in Chicago
NOT what I had planned…


The Colorful Pier at Hollywood Beach

You may recall that I accompanied Judy when she went to Nookie’s (Edgewater) to lead a book discussion and I ended up meeting a few interesting people and seeing some colorful buildings.  So, when I heard that Judy was going back this past Monday, I jumped at the chance to tag along again, thinking I’d find more visual goodies along Bryn Mawr Avenue.  Well, I did find some interesting subjects, but not what I had imagined and not where I expected to go! (more…)

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