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Spertus Art Gallery
Midwest Jewish Artists Lab


Isaac and Jacob at Pre-School, B’nai Tikvah

Exciting! For the past several months, I was fortunate to be part of a group of artists who met at Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership. The concept was that we would be inspired and educated on concepts and artistic approaches that would help shape our inspiration and creativity. Now is the time for our show! (more…)

Photo Gear

New Photo Gear Keeping up with the race

Photo Gear Leica M-P (240) and 35mm Summicron lens

My Leica M-P (240) Safari with 35mm Summicron lens

I like my photo gear.  It’s one of the things about photography that appeals to me.  (more…)

On the Road

Traveling On the Road
Out and About

Traveling On the Road Near Nashville, In

Old Time Look

I love looking around when we’re traveling on the road.  Always on the lookout for interesting scenes.  (more…)


Breaking the Rules
(Photographic Rules, that is)

Breaking a Photography Rule with a photo of Chicago Lincoln Park, after sunset

After Sunset in Lincoln Park

There are many common rules for photos.  And most of them are worth breaking!  (more…)

In Memory of David

In Memory of Cantor David
A Legacy

In Memory of Cantor David

David and Goldie

Cantor David Brandhandler, passed away on Thursday, June 2.   He was 102 years and 352 days old.  It was my honor to photograph and film him in his home along with Goldie, his loving wife, in January of this year.  Some of you may recall this earlier blog post about them – click here.  Such an amazing man.
(Included in this current blog post are photos that were not in the previous post from January.) (more…)

Take Your Camera!

Take Your Camera!
Italian Restaurant in Chicago

Take Your Camera to Tutto Fresco Italian Restaurant Photograph Opportunity

Tutto Fresco, Chicago

You’ve heard me say this before:  Take your camera with you…any camera.  (more…)

Good Photo?

What Makes a Good Photo?
Or what makes a photo good?
Or both?

Good Photo Graham Nash at City Winery Chicago

Graham Nash at City Winery

Like most people, I look at lots of photos every day.  Some are mine and most are not.  We all are exposed to a lot of photos nowadays…probably more than ever.  (more…)


Black and White Portraits

Drew Levin Black and White photo portrait


Photo tip:  It’s easy to take photos when you have a good subject.  Why not try making it a black and white photo?? (more…)

Rabbi Funnye

Rabbi Funnye
A Portrait

Portrait of Rabbi Capers Funnye

Rabbi Capers Funnye

Here’s one of the advantages for me of taking photos:  It definitely gets me out and about, meeting people and seeing things. (more…)

It’s Spring

It’s Spring
Ya Gotta Love It

Spring Tree on Lake Michigan in Chicago

Spring Tree on Lake Michigan

One of the BEST things about Chicago is the weather.  Yep…you heard me.  Nothing is better than experiencing the change of seasons here.  And now we’re into Spring after an unusually mild winter…for a change! (more…)

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