New Zealand, Aotearoa

New Zealand, Aotearoa
“Long White Cloud”     

New Zealand, Aotearoa Bob's Cove

New Zealand, Aotearoa – “Bob’s Cove”

New Zealand, part 2.  I’m still sorting through our photos from the stunning country and came up with another collection to share. (more…)

New Zealand

New Zealand
Aotearoa (The Land of the Long White Cloud)


Flying to Milford Sound

New Zealand is gorgeous!  Strikingly beautiful.  Definitely worth a visit!  How fitting to have the Maori name, Aotearoa, or “Land of the Long White Cloud.”  That’s because you’ll notice the dramatic clouds in many of my photos that were taken there…a great ingredient for landscape photography! (more…)

In the City of Chicago

In the City of Chicago
With a Camera, of course!


The Train Tracks along the Skyline

I promise you….if you walk around in the City of Chicago long enough and keep looking around, you’ll certainly find interesting scenes and sights to photograph! (more…)

My Photo Gift to You

My Photo Gift to You
An important and worthwhile tip!


Young Levin Brothers, Deerfield – 2012

I love taking pictures.  So do many people!  So, here’s my photo gift to you…a tip!  SAVE AND PROTECT YOUR PHOTOS! (more…)

A Sorta Selfie

A Sorta Selfie
The Hard Way


A Selfie!

A selfie…I usually don’t like ’em.  I kind of can’t wait for this fad to fade away into cultural obscurity.  But…I needed a photo of myself to help publicize an upcoming event at Spertus. (more…)


NOT with a camera phone!


Portrait of Judy

It’s fun to shoot portraits!  I like taking out my portrait lens and my lights.  It’s not really as easy as it looks, though. (more…)


“Do you Photoshop?”
Editing Images


Judy and Isaac on the train

I can’t count how many times I have been asked, “Did you Photoshop that photo?”  Hmmm…interesting question.  Let’s use this photo to explain.  Some of you may have seen this version (above) on Facebook recently.  But read on to see the original and another version! (more…)

A Walk Downtown In Chicago

A Walk Downtown
In Chicago


Vintage 1967 VW Bug and Proud Owner

I had plans in the city the other evening, so I came down early and went for a walk downtown with my camera.  It’s so picturesque in the city! (more…)

Spertus Gallery

Spertus Art Gallery
Midwest Jewish Artists Lab


Isaac and Jacob at Pre-School, B’nai Tikvah

Exciting! For the past several months, I was fortunate to be part of a group of artists who met at Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership. The concept was that we would be inspired and educated on concepts and artistic approaches that would help shape our inspiration and creativity. Now is the time for our show! (more…)

Photo Gear

New Photo Gear Keeping up with the race

Photo Gear Leica M-P (240) and 35mm Summicron lens

My Leica M-P (240) Safari with 35mm Summicron lens

I like my photo gear.  It’s one of the things about photography that appeals to me.  (more…)

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