New Zealand, Aotearoa
“Long White Cloud”     

New Zealand, Aotearoa Bob's Cove

New Zealand, Aotearoa – “Bob’s Cove”

New Zealand, part 2.  I’m still sorting through our photos from the stunning country and came up with another collection to share.
Notice the clouds in this image (above).  Aotearoa is the Maori name for the country and it means “long white cloud!”  Pretty accurate description…gorgeous clouds wherever we went.  This photo was taken while we were on a guided nature walk along Bob’s Cove.  Had to stop for this!

New Zealand, Aotearoa Milford Sound

Milford Sound

More clouds in New Zealand, Aotearoa and gorgeous water in this view of Milford Sound.  Magnificent area…awe inspiring scenery with views in every direction.  Definitely recommended, along with the flight in a small plane that soars over the mountaintops on the way there.

New Zealand, Aotearoa Abel Tasman National Park

“Long White Cloud” on Abel Tasman Hike

Another New Zealand, Aotearoa (long white cloud) along our hike through the Abel Tasman National Park.  Also worth noting the color of the water which varies from shades of blue to aqua.  And lush, thick green growth everywhere!

New Zealand, Aotearoa Nelson Queen's Garden

Happy Family in Queen’s Garden – Nelson, NZ

I’m always watching people and try to get them into my photos.  This one (above) was taken while we walked through the Queen’s Garden in Nelson.  I saw this couple and their child among the flora in the garden and knew I had to get a photo of them in that scene.  I took a couple frames from a distance and kept moving forward until I got a composition that I liked.  It’s my feeling that people frequently add to a scene and create interest and scale.  Of course, this garden is beautiful on its own, but the couple and child add an important element to the view.

New Zealand, Aotearoa Queenstown

Friendly Lady – Coffee Time

Judy and I stopped at a very cool coffee shop (Vudu Cafe & Larder) in Queenstown and  were seated at a “community” table.  I saw this woman walk in and started thinking how I could get her into a photo.  Then, lucky me, she was seated at our table, across from us!  I started talking to her and engaged her in a nice conversation.  Judy and I found out that she was visiting Queenstown (where she used to live) and got her hair done by her daughter, a beautician, while she was visiting.  Then she came here for a coffee and cake…she seemed to be a long time regular since most of the staff there seemed to know her.
I asked if I could photograph her and I took a few frames, trying to include her glasses, coffee, cake, and the fashion magazine she was reading.
And I was lucky to get her table number (12) juxtaposed with the 21 across the room…whatever that may imply!  haha
I think that’s why I enjoy taking peoples’ (strangers) photos…because I like to engage with people and I’m not shy about starting an interaction.  And, isn’t people watching part of traveling?

New Zealand, Aotearoa Auckland

Street Musician in Auckland

Here are some additional people shots!  In this case, a street musician along a plaza in Auckland (above).  Could be anywhere and any place!!  Another example of a photo that’s more interesting because a person is in it than it would be otherwise…do you agree?

Piha Beach, New Zealand, Aotearoa

Whew! After a wave at Piha Beach

From Piha Beach.  We were taken there by Gayle and Russ, our family who are living in New Zealand, Aotearoa for at least a couple of years. Tough windy day…huge storms!

Piha Beach, New Zealand, Aotearoa

Relaxing after Surfing – Piha Beach

And I think this is the same guy relaxing on the shore as the tide creeps closer and closer.  Yikes!

New Zealand, Aotearoa Kahurangi National Park

On the Trail – Kahurangi National Park

My favorite person to photograph–Judy!  And she didn’t even know I was taking this photo as we walked along the trail in the bright, blazing morning sun!

New Zealand, Aotearoa Wellington

Let it Be, Wellington

Finally, I guess there are Beatle fans in Wellington!!
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