More People of Cuba
Part 2

People of Cuba

Guajiro–Cuban Farmer and Cigar Maker in Viñales

One more blog post with photos of More People of Cuba.  Irresistible!  Even though we’ve been home for over a month, I still have vivid and strong memories of our visit.  And I’m so glad I have a large collection of photos to keep the memories and feelings alive!  Hope you enjoy them, too.  I’m going to display more photos with less commentary this time and refer you back to the previous blog post for more detailed descriptions and explanations.  (Click here to access the previous blog post.)
The man in the photo above is a guajiro–a farm worker.  They grow many things, including tobacco for cigars.  Here he is rolling a cigar and you can see several other ones wrapped up on the shelf behind him.  Note the bottle cap in the foreground which is filled with honey–they dip the unlit end of the cigar into the honey before lighting up.

People of Cuba

Guajiros–Cuban Farmers and Ox Carts in Viñales

More guajiros on the same farm.  Looks like it’s a scene from a long time ago!  And note the real ox carts that we rode in to get there–my fingerprints are still embedded in the rope from holding on!

People of Cuba

A Smoke or Two Outside His Home

As long as we’re talking about smoking…this guy has two cigarettes ready as he takes a break next to his typically Cuban colored home.  Gotta love all the colors!

People of Cuba

Cigar Smoker

And, above is a quintessential cigar smoker in Old Havana.

People of Cuba

On a Street in Havana

More people of Cuba.  Lots of stuff to see on the streets of Havana.  Always something or someone interesting.  Notice the guy snacking on a sugar cane.  Too young for a cigar?

People of Cuba

Havana Shoemaker and Friends

Outdoor commerce on a street in Havana…a shoe repair service.

People of Cuba

Barber in Havana

Outdoor barber.  Matching aprons for the customer and barber.

People of Cuba

Street Commerce in Havana

Lots of produce markets of varying sizes and types along the street and in outdoor marketplaces off the street.  This guy seems to  have left his delivery at the marketplace and is taking a break with his practically outfitted bicycle.

People of Cuba

Havana Street Scene

Not every car is a big, honkin’ mid-50’s Chevy!   “Te Amo Mami” along the wall…how sweet!

People of Cuba

Cuban Dancers

Music and dancing everywhere…and at all times.  This is Habanas Compas contemporary dance with percussion.

People of Cuba

Dancing at Cafe Taberna, Havana

What fun!  At Cafe Taberna in Havana.
People ask me if I’d go back.  In a second!  What an experience.
I’ve got a bunch more photos.  Please check out my Instagram feed (sml_photos) for some of them.  Or, drop by if you’re in the neighborhood!  Eventually, I’ll make a book of my photos of the People of Cuba.

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