It’s Spring
Ya Gotta Love It

Spring Tree on Lake Michigan in Chicago

Spring Tree on Lake Michigan

One of the BEST things about Chicago is the weather.  Yep…you heard me.  Nothing is better than experiencing the change of seasons here.  And now we’re into Spring after an unusually mild winter…for a change! Yesterday, I was walking with my camera along Bryn Mawr Avenue, near the Edgewater Beach Apartments (see an earlier post by clicking here).  I decided to go check out how the beach looked at this time of year….it JUST turned Spring.  Not surprisingly, there were a number of people out jogging, biking, walking their dogs, pushing strollers, etc.  Then, I came across this tree (above) and even though it’s not loaded with leaves, I still felt it looked magnificent all alone, poised next to Lake Michigan. I liked the pastel shade and atmosphere and the contrast of the sand, sparse grass, water, and cloud streaked sky.

Pier at the beach on Lake Michigan in Chicago

Painterly Pier, Lake Michigan

This scene (above) of the pier that extends into the Lake had a sense of drama to me.  So, I took the liberty of adding a bit of a painterly stroke to the color to further dramatize the motion of the water and sky.

Jogger along Lake Michigan in Chicago

Jogger along the Lake

I got down at just above “beach level” and waited for someone to come by on the path.  Lucky me!  Someone with an electric pink jacket.  You can also see the start of the Chicago Skyline in the background.

Spring Green Building with a tree, along Bryn Mawr

Spring Green!!

Walking back along Bryn Mawr, leaving the beach, I came across another tree.  Not so green…yet!  But, I like the way it was positioned in front of the green building!  (I’ve used that wall as a backdrop for other photos…click here to see what I mean!)  I may use it again sometime.

"L" Exit on Bryn Mawr Avenue in Chicago

“L” Exit on Bryn Mawr

Finally, a peak in the exit of the Bryn Mawr “L” station.  I think this exit station looks pretty much like this year round…year after year.  And that serves as a reminder that one can find something of interest all the time and almost anywhere.  Just be sure to have a camera ready!!

It’s Spring…enjoy!!

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