Evolution of an Image
Finding a Photo

evolution of an image

Final Version–Musician and Dancers, NYC

I have to admit that I really like this photo which I took recently in NYC under a tunnel in Central Park.  So, I’m going to show how it came to be…the evolution of an image.

evolution of an image

Underpass at Central Park, NYC

Judy and I were walking through Central Park and we approached this underpass.  If you look carefully, you can see the hordes of people standing on the other side.  And, if you follow the arrow and look very closely, you can see the guitar player by a post under the tunnel.  I hadn’t seen him at this point, but I liked the arch and grabbed a photo as a starting point, thinking I would get some sort of silhouette of a person or people walking around.

evolution of an image

Musician with Beautiful Lighting

evolution of an image

Sizing up the Scene and Composition


But, as I got “inside” I noticed the great light streaming in from the open end of the tunnel and also heard the guitar player.  I stopped and composed a photo of him with a beautifully colored and lit background.  And, as the evolution of an image continued, I was pretty happy with what I had captured.  Despite the crowds directly to my left, this was a solitary pose with a timeless beauty, I felt.
Little did I know what was coming next!

evolution of an image

Here Come the Dancers (similar to final version above)

Two dancers rolled into the scene out of nowhere.  Notice how the guitar player sees them, too, and keeps playing as they dance to his music.  Eventually, I was able to realize they were posing for wedding photos and were told to drift in front of the wall and dance to the music,  Also, at this point in the evolution of an image, I also realized that nature of the photo had changed from color to black and white due to the white dress on the bride to be.  (I have set up my camera to display my photos in black and white on the preview screen on back even though they download to the computer in color.)

evolution of an image

Color Version of the Scene

Just to be “sure,” I made a color version of the photo.  Shown for the first time in public here!
I hope you enjoyed my description of the evolution of an image.  This is not atypical…I’m usually attracted to some general feature and then I pursue different approaches and perspectives.  And sometimes, I get lucky when something unexpected happens.  The key, in my mind, is to keep your eyes and mind open!

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