Eclipse Watchers
Bryn Mawr Beach, Chicago

eclipse watchers

Eclipse Watchers Stopping to Gaze

Fun day observing the eclipse watchers!  Such an interesting event and a wonderful atmosphere with the diverse collection of happy people!  I rode with Judy to the Bryn Mawr neighborhood where she was leading a book group (at Nookie’s) so I had a short walk to the beach.
Lotsa photos in this post, so I’ll keep it shorter than usual with the text!

I walked around for about an hour and photographed and chatted with a bunch of people.  Everyone seemed so cheerful and open.  NO ONE refused my request to take a photo.  I was actually surprised because many of them were wrapped up in their viewing experience.  I simply asked, chatted a bit, took some photos, said “thank you, enjoy,” and moved along.

eclipse watchers

As it Started

This was the first person I came across.  Looks like he stopped by at the entrance to the park/beach while he was going to or coming from work.  He seemed so happy to be there.

eclipse watchers

All Set–Watch and Record

This guy had an entire rig set up.  Complete with music, camera, chair, bike, binoculars, and various viewing support paraphernalia.  To say he was friendly (and ready!!) would be an understatement!

eclipse watchers

Chilling Out While Viewing

This eclipse watcher took advantage of the cement walkway along the beach to stretch out and relax in a perfect viewing position.  Hope he didn’t forget his sunglasses and change!

eclipse watchers

Couple, Enjoying the View

I had to take this photo!  Look at her clothing.  No doubt I was going to leave this as a color image.

eclipse watchers

Where Are Your Glasses?

eclipse watchers

Ah…That’s Better

They weren’t wearing their glasses!  So, I asked them to put them on.  I felt better…ah.

eclipse watchers

Getting Dark, Strolling

Getting dark…prime time for viewing the whole effect.

eclipse watchers

THIS is The Way to View the Eclipse!

Sunglasses, chair, bike, phone, headphone.  Relaxed.  He had some data about the eclipse on his phone, I believe, because I asked him a question (after I already had his permission) and he checked the screen for information.

eclipse watchers

Enjoying the Moment

I wish both of these eclipse watchers had glasses on.  Makes me nervous. (I certainly didn’t look up at the sun.)

eclipse watchers

Two Beach Walkers

Only one of these guys was watching the sun.  The other was just enjoying the atmosphere.

eclipse watchers

After The Eclipse

By the time the entire event took place and the crowd was cleaning up and clearing out, I was several blocks south of Bryn Mawr and it was time to get back and meet Judy.  Still lots of people and things to see, of course, and I continued taking photos (check my Instagram for more).  This one (above) I saw shaping up.  The little girl got on Mommy’s big bike and pedaled a few feet along the beach, on the sidewalk.  I had to run up ahead and get in position to frame this scene and caught it before she concluded her brief ride.  Second to last frame of the day!  I always like these beach scenes.  And it was a nice way to cap off a fun and interesting day taking photos during the solar eclipse.  I gotta get some more ideas before the next one in seven years!
Hope you had a fun and memorable day, too!

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