Chicago Street Scene
Little Vietnam Neighborhood



Chicago Street Scene

Chicago Street Scene: Street Art – Little Vietnam

Someone recently remarked to me that I am a people photographer.  Funny…I don’t think of myself that way.  I DO like photographing people, but I also enjoy the act of taking and making all kinds of photos.  So, I decided that I would go out and find some street art in the Little Vietnam neighborhood of Chicago while Judy was leading a book club nearby.  (For those who don’t know, Little Vietnam is between Sheridan and Broadway on Argyle.)  Read on to see what happened! 

Chicago Street Scene

Irony, Searching for Street Art

The first thing I encountered was the street art in an alley (see above).  The irony of the ad placement and the sadness of the tribute struck me, of course, but so did the color, the handwriting, and flourishes.

Chicago Street Scene

“How About Taking Our Picture?”

Then, I was focusing and framing a photo of a wall mural.  Suddenly, two men approached me and said, “How about taking our picture?”  How could I say no?  So, I simply asked the first guy to stand in front of the panel on the wall I was planning to photograph and composed an image with him under the “Tell Your Story” text while the other guy walked away, skeptically.

Chicago Street Scene

“Let’s Try Here”

I cajoled him and told him it would be fun to be in a photo, too.  So, he slowly walked over and I suggested he stand next to the boy who was part at the wall art.
Of course, after each frame, I walked over and showed them the black and white preview of the scene that shows up on my camera (I have the camera set up that way).

Chicago Street Scene

They’re Thinking I’m Nuts

Chicago Street Scene

They’re Thinking: “This is Fun”

Notice the two frames of the same image.  You can see how less apprehensive they were as time passed and I joked around, taking pictures.  In my opinion, the expressions on their faces change the whole picture!   Do you agree?  Which one do you prefer?
The entire exchange between us took about 3 minutes or so.  They obviously were patient enough to hang out and do different poses.  They didn’t ask for money or a copy of the photos.  But, they were very interested in seeing the images on the back of the camera.

Anyways, I set out to take some photos of a Chicago Street Scene…and I was even thinking “black and white.”  But these guys walked up to me and provided me with a fantastic photo opp.  I guess I am a people photographer, after all!  I can’t help it.

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