Lake Michigan

Yikes!  This is NOT a photo of some remote planet!  It’s the Lake Michigan shoreline at the Gillson Park Beach in Wilmette…just across the street from the Baha’i Temple.  This is just how it looked yesterday.  Rugged and remote.

I was driving along Sheridan Road and noticed that the sun was shining through the thick clouds in spots, forming a bit of a spotlight in places along the ground.  So, I pulled off the street and into Gillson Park to see how that dramatic lighting was “working” in there.  When I got to the parking spots along the beach, I thought it might be interesting to get out and see how things looked along the water.  So, I grabbed my camera and the 50mm lens and went for a peak.

Where’s the water?  The sand?  The people?  And what is all that white stuff piled up all over the place?
I didn’t have much time to spend, so I moved around quickly, observing amazing, stunning scenes and taking a few photos.  As I trod along, I got so enthusiastic that I “forgot” to look where I was walking and ended up on top of a small ice mound (not one of the big ones in the back of the scene–I was kinda afraid to go back near those!).  Trying to be careful and to avoid slipping, I stepped off it and into a snow pile that went up to my waist!  Go a bit wet and had a good laugh.  And got some interesting photos (and a good story!)  I managed to protect my camera…of course!

Gillson Park, Lake Michigan, Winter Landscape, Willmette

Gillson Park Beach – Pano

Here’s another view (above)….gorgeous colors.  And so tranquil.  Panorama.

Gillson Park, Lake Michigan, Winter Landscape, Willmette

Gillson Park Beach – Muted/Monochrome

Couldn’t resist a muted and tinted image treatment (above)….seems to work for me!

I think I’ve spent more time at the various Chicago area beaches this winter than I did during the summer!!
Go take a look if you get a chance.  Really beautiful and so peaceful.

– Stephen M. Levin

SML Photography