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Tunnel under LSD, Part 2

It turns out that Judy and I were back at the same spot as the week before to hear another author speak.  This time, it was Colm Tóibín.  Some of you may have heard of  him.
So, since we were early, I asked Judy if she’d mind if I wandered back to the same tunnel I had photographed the week before….only this time from the other end of the tunnel.  I just wanted to see how things looked!  As usual, she was agreeable and thought it sounded like a fun idea, so she told me to go ahead.
So…here it is.  Pretty much the same, only different.  It was a little colder.  And there was more “traffic,” so I had a field day shooting various permutations of people going through the tunnel, framed inside the white at the end.
I liked this couple.  They looked kinda cute.  And the tunnel has more character from this side, including a lot of sand on the ground from the beach which is up the stairs at that end.  I also thought the clump of paper added a little interest and mystery.
Hmmm…might have to go back again.

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