Art Institute of Chicago

Art Institute of Chicago

Street Drummers

We are so fortunate to have the Art Institute of Chicago in our community.  We always love taking the opportunity to visit there to see the various exhibits AND to give me a chance to photograph the environs.  If you live in or visit Chicago, I highly recommend stopping by as frequently as possible!
We were just there recently to see the John Singer Sargent and various  other exhibits. As we left the building in the very late afternoon, I saw a shaft of light shining down on the street musicians on the curb, along Michigan Avenue.  I knew there would be a potential photo in that light!  I waited for what I thought would be an interesting “gesture” and got it when they both turned around to see something behind them.

Art Institute of Chicago

Sargent Exhibit

The John Singer Sargent exhibit was stunning and quite interesting.  We spent quite a long time walking through the gallery.  Before exiting, I went back to take a look at one of my favorite paintings at the beginning of the layout and set up to take a photo.  Luckily, as I was focusing, this man started to walk through my frame and I waited until he passed the painting (which I thought would add interest to the composition).  You know me–I like to include people in my photos!  I like the contrast of this scene…illuminated effectively by the museum’s lights only.

Art Institute of Chicago

My Favorite!

Judy and I go to the Art Institute of Chicago frequently.  This photo (above) of Judy and “our friend,” as we now call him, was taken a while ago when  he was still situated in the New Wing of the building.  Now, he’s standing outside in the adjacent courtyard.  Stop by to say hi!  Judy and I were getting ready to leave one day when I noticed there were no people in the hallway by the statue.  I suggested that she go stand close to him and I took this photo.  My FAVORITE photo I’ve taken at the Art Institute of Chicago!  (And my favorite photo subject, as you know!)

Art Institute of Chicago

Depiction of van Gogh’s Room

This photo, above, is from the Vincent van Gogh exhibit a while ago.  A conceptual copy of his room in the famous “Yellow House” in Arles, France.

Art Institute of Chicago

Mural and Reality

It is sometimes difficult to determine what’s real and what is painted in this scene!  Those are real chairs and a table in front of a large mural.  Fun!

Art Institute of Chicago


I had a little “creative fun” with this image!  I liked the dramatic room that housed this exhibit and tried to capture that effectively.  But then to “remind me” that it is really about the exhibit, I re-colored the wheel to make it stand out as a display on the wall.

Again, I always encourage people to stop by and visit the Art Institute of Chicago.  Recently, it was voted as one of the top museums in the country!  Always something new or old, temporary or permanent to see.  And, be sure to stop by at Terzo Piano on the roof for a great view of the city and something to eat and/or drink.
Bring along a camera!

Thanks for stopping by!
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