Another Beach in Chicago
NOT what I had planned…


The Colorful Pier at Hollywood Beach

You may recall that I accompanied Judy when she went to Nookie’s (Edgewater) to lead a book discussion and I ended up meeting a few interesting people and seeing some colorful buildings.  So, when I heard that Judy was going back this past Monday, I jumped at the chance to tag along again, thinking I’d find more visual goodies along Bryn Mawr Avenue.  Well, I did find some interesting subjects, but not what I had imagined and not where I expected to go!  It was rather warm, and the lake looked interesting from a few blocks away, so I decided to walk down there and check it out.  I’ve lived in the Chicago area my whole life and I don’t think I ever saw this beach before….Hollywood Beach (or, Kathy Osterman Beach).  It’s beautiful there!  The pier, above, is not altered.  Lucky mix of light and clouds…and the color on the pier is quite dramatic.
And, I think you’ll see from the images below that it’s quite serene and peaceful there, contrary to the crowded and hectic beaches just to the south and north.  I saw very few people and most of them were in the same place and pose for the entire hour or so I walked around with my camera and a 50mm lens.  For example, this guy (below):  He didn’t move from that seat.


Serenity at the Beach

This woman (below) was sitting about 50 yards away from the man.  And she didn’t move, either.  Deep in thought, it seems.


Deep in thought at the Beach

Walking northward along the beach, I saw this scene (below) and it reminded me of going to Miami Beach as a kid, with all the large hotels along Collins Boulevard.  The three people added the right spice to the frame, and I touched it up with a little nostalgic coloring and a vintage looking frame….looks like an old postcard??


Looking like Miami Beach?

So, I turned around and look what I saw!  The grand, pink colored Edgewater Beach Apartments (I’ve learned that the hotel part  was actually razed in 1968 since Lake Shore Drive separated it from access to Lake Michigan).  Note the gracious guy spreading out the towel for the woman.  I actually waited for that before I pressed the shutter button!  Anybody notice it?


The Pink Edgewater Beach

Finally, starting to walk back south toward Bryn Mawr Avenue, I saw the freshly made lines in the sand left by the cleanup crew and I liked the pattern.  I just waited for the appropriate couple to walk on the lines….and there wasn’t a lot of traffic, so I had to wait a while.


Walking on the hot and freshly cleaned sand

So much to see in Chicago.  You’ve gotta love it here!  And sometimes, one finds things where and when they least expected!  Just keep your eyes open and your camera ready.

-Stephen M. Levin
“Life Scapes”



SML Photography